Workplace Wellness. Reinvented.

360 is revolutionising the way companies approach executive wellness. We approach wellbeing from a neuroscience perspective. This recognises the body and brain as a system. Our technology and education gives personalised insight into both. In doing so, we empower people to live better and organisations to perform better.


Our programmes enable executives to be truly proactive in looking after their health, energy and resiliency. Rather than wait for sickness or burnout, our ecosystem gives people the tools they need ahead of time to look after their wellbeing and performance.


When it comes to our health, a "one-sized-fits-all approach" just isn't effective. Each of us is different, and our approach needs to reflect that. Our programmes give talent the individual data and insight they need to take a genuinely personalised approach. This creates clarity, confidence and control: key factors driving successful behaviour change.


Organisations want to be preventative in their approach to wellbeing and healthcare, but very few know how. We have changed that for good. Our ecosystem provide talent, leaders and HR with the information they need to reduce healthcare costs, measure health presenteeism and improve employee wellness.

Our Workplace Resiliency Programmes

How do you measure the resiliency of your staff? How do you measure the wellbeing of employees? How do you measure your human capital? These terms are frequently cited by organisations as central to performance, but few know how to measure it accurately, let alone improve it.

Our workplace wellness programmes solve this problem. They are tailored to each organisation we work with where we engage with various stakeholders, learn the direction of the organisation, and work with you to determine key areas of focus that deliver a clear return on value and investment. Our programmes can integrate seamlessly into any wider transformation programme you may be delivering, or be rolled out separately as part of any health and wellness initiative. We've connected the dots so that you don't have to.

Leadership Programmes

Our leadership programmes fully account for the demands placed on senior executives. It is geared towards those who are time-poor, travelling extensively, yet need health metrics to keep them at their best. With our long history in professional golf we know how to support top talent around the world who rely on us for sustainable high performance. This requires a combination of strong science, ongoing education, proven experience, clinical insight, and effective coaching skills. Our programme delivers each of these as one.

Prices available on application.

Management Programmes

Our management programmes are ideal for supporting key talent and graduates. Each programme is built in a bespoke manner for the organisation and utilises our iOS technology, onsite L&D coaching and online support. Going through the programme makes staff feel looked after, promotes self-direction in health, and facilitates multi-level wellness in different parts of the organisation. This is backed up by aggregated data analytics which are used to protect staff and drive proactive strategy.

Prices available on application.

Employee Programmes

Our employee programmes are perfect for those wanting to scale wellness and support large numbers of employees with a personalised solution. Through our iOS application you empower employees to measure, track and improve their health. This is supported by custom-built webinars, seminars and additional interventions designed to reduce healthcare costs and enhance employee productivity. Human capital is an organisation’s greatest asset; and with our technology you can measure and support it like never before.

Prices available on application.