It's your time to thrive.

Wellness has become overwhelming, confusing and clunky. This can blunt your best efforts at taking control of your health and feeling in the driver's seat of your wellbeing. We get how hard it can be, and our mission is to change that for good. We help you with a proactive and personalised approach. Each of us is different, and your approach to wellness should reflect that.

Our Belief

We believe in people. We believe in the power of human health. We believe everyone can experience vibrant physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Everything we do is with this in mind.


Use our award-winning app to measure, understand and take control of your physical and mental health.


Gain the knowledge you need to feel confident and in control of your health. Leave fad behind for good.


Get the support you need to achieve your goals, build new habits, overcome hurdles and step into a new future.


Get proactive insight into the needs of your body with our cutting-edge functional medicine lab testing.


Get the data you need to take a personalised approach and learn what's right for you in your wellbeing.


Save time and money and give up on the guesswork. Learn what's right for you to achieve your goals.


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Employee Wellbeing
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A Digital Health Ecosystem That Prevents Burnout & Protects Key Talent

We’ve been in healthcare for over 20 years. We understand the challenge of empowering employees to look after their physical and mental health. Our digital healthstack changes the game forever.

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360 Digital Healthstack™

Our award-winning app and online e-learning platform give you the step-by-step answers you need to take a personalised, proactive and preventative approach in your wellness.

Physical Health

The 360 app makes it easy to measure how your body and brain adapt to stress and lifestyle. It's the insight you need to thrive.

Mental Health

The 360 e-learning platform provides the science and solutions to understand and protect your emotional wellbeing.