Helping the World's Best Players Sustain High Performance

360 works with international players competing at the highest level in the Premier League and beyond. The world's best players want to get an edge in their game, and one of the routes to this is by leaving no stone unturned in their health and wellness. We deliver one-to-one care behind the scenes to help footballers optimise their underlying health, recovery and ability to push.

What We Do

We use hundreds of data points to understand the individual needs of each athlete. Every footballer is different: their health history, career exposures, injury background and overall stress levels all interact uniquely to influence ongoing wellness and performance. We measure these underlying imbalances that can inhibit high performance using various laboratory metrics and data from the award-winning 360 app.

Digestive Health

We help athletes understand assimilation and gastrointestinsl health for short-term performance and long-term wellness.

Food Intolerances

We measure the reactivity of the immune system to food and drink that can impede recovery and increase stress.

Cardiovascular Health

We perform advanced panels that include >20 different cardiometabolic biomarkers. This helps athletes be truly proactive.

Immune Tolerance

Our testing measures immune tolerance to various environmental factors, such as food, chemicals and plastics.

Immune Strength

We directly measure various immune biomarkers to understand strength and gpas that might influence risk of infection and illness.

Nutrient Status

Our footballers understand their nutrient status across the board, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.

Metabolic Health

We take a deep dive into cellular health to understand how well an athlete can protect systems from allostatic load.

Microbiome Profiling

We measure positive and opportunistic bacteria in the gut, as well as the presence of pathogens, parsites and inflammation.

Ongoing data to help our players thrive.

We have been using the 360 app since 2016 to support athletes in their quest for sustainable high performance. Ongoing data helps our players know when to push and when to pull back.


The app enables players to keep track of variables that influence performance, such as sleep, energy, diet, exercise and emotional wellbeing.


The app also enables players to capture physiological metrics, such as heart rate variability, to understand how successfully they are adapting to lifeload.

Descriptive Analytics

As players compete through the season, it’s important to understand what is happening on an ongoing basis. The app enables players to track subjective and objective data, which is then used as a conversation starting point.

Diagnostics Analytics

The app does not just help us understand what has happened in terms of player wellbeing, but why it has happened too. Seeing strong associations between lifestyle and adaptation helps provide proactive insight for the future.

Predictive Analytics

By observing and learning from long-term trends, it becomes possible to predict with greater confidence certain future events, such as illness. The app is a form of glue in the coaching process to help us understand and care for our athletes.