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We love helping people. The last few years have been hard on people's physical and mental health, and we are here to make a positive difference. Our mission is to give you the personalised data, knowledge, and tools to take control of your wellness in the most proactive way possible. Instead of chasing symptoms, we work by your side with a preventative approach that is science-led and deeply human.

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Functional medicine offers a powerful approach to health and wellness. Our founder Justin Buckthorp and the team he works with were one of the first handful of practitioners to complete IFM education in the United States between 2011-2014. Functional medicine enables you to understand the first domino in your health, rather than chase the fifth. It’s a positive, empowering and preventive methodology.

Genetic Testing

Understand your personal needs based on your own unique DNA.

Biomarker Screening

Learn which systems in your body need support.

Brain Health

Look after your brain to support cognitive health.

Personalised Nutrition

Follow a customised diet plan to live your best from the inside out.

Cutting-Edge Fitness

Adopt a personalised training plan to get better results.

Energy Management

Maximise energy and longevity with a plan built purely for you.

Emotional Health

Learn how to improve your mental and emotional health.

Coaching Support

Use our team to set direction and get results.

360 Technology

Use the 360 iOS app to measure, track and master your health.

Hear from our clients

We have over 20 years of experience in healthcare coaching.

Work with a leader in functional medicine care.

Learn about functional medicine


With the cumulative stress of the last few years, there has never been a better time to prioritise self-care and take control of your health and wellness. Functional medicine focuses on the person rather than the disease. It also seeks to treat underlying causes that lead to symptoms rather than just the symptom itself.

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Proactive Health

Experienced functional medicine care.

‘I came to Justin last year after six months of struggling with severe long covid, which included a range of debilitating symptoms that had left me largely housebound and feeling as if I may never recover.

It’s difficult to explain just how astonishing Justin’s expertise is; he is at the top of his field, and I feel very lucky to have had his help. After conducting his analysis of my nutrition, his guidance and advice were then a turning point in my recovery.

Within two weeks of starting to take the supplements he recommended, I felt my neurological symptoms lifting and my body regaining its equilibrium. By the autumn, I was able to begin a phased return to work, something which had been unimaginable just months earlier.

My path to recovery has been long, but there is absolutely no doubt that without Justin, it would have been considerably longer. I cannot recommend him highly enough.’

– Clara Harland

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