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The 360 membership gives you the knowledge, support and insight you need to thrive.

At 360 Health & Performance, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your highest potential. Leverage the 360 membership to look after your health, energy and performance.

Membership costs $600 per annum.

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360 connects the dots, you don't have to.

Join our exclusive community at 360 Health & Performance and take the first step towards unparalleled wellness and peak performance. Our annual membership offers a holistic and truly person-centred approach to health and performance.


The platform covers everything you need: health, longevity, sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress, energy, motivation, emotional wellbeing and the brain in peak performance.


Our app is one of many free tools to use as part of the membership. Use it alongside other resources we provide on the private member platform to understand your health and wellness.


Personalised, proactive and preventative wellness

The 360 membership offers a personalised and preventative approach to health and wellness, backed by over 23 years of experience and grounded in high-quality research from evidence-based medicine.

Health tracking

Objective physiological metrics (such as heart rate variability) in 360 tell you how well you are adapting to stress and lifeload. Subjective trends tells you why.

Personalised Insight

Leverage the app's powerful analytics to understand your trends. Personalised insight provides actionable insights, helping you protect and improve your health.


With 360, technology is just a part of the picture.

We believe that technology works best when it starts a conversation. For this reason, we have built a complete ecosystem to support your health and wellness.


The 360 'Health in High-Performance' Certification empowers coaches to support you in use of the 360 platform and app.

Online Coaching Care

Work with your 360-Certified Coach to test wellness strategies, discuss strengths and gaps in your lifestyle and maintain momentum.

Why Choose 360 Health & Performance?

We have worked in health and wellness for over twenty years, supporting high performers across business, sport and entertainment. We understand how challenging it can be to navigate your health in the midst of a busy life. Our mission is to help you be proactive in your health whilst you go about achieving big goals and extraordinary dreams.

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You are in good hands with 360. Our team have worked with every type of client you can think of. Our technology is an extension of that.


Everything within the 360 membership is based on evidence-based practice - an approach which comes high-quality research with hands-on observation.


360 is all about you. Everything we build is designed to empower you with knowledge, feedback and insight you need to live your best life.


Navigating your health has never been more confusing. We save you time, money and effort by giving you everything you need to thrive one place.


Modern life is fast and depleting, especially when you are on a mission. With 360, you'll learn how to leverage stress to your advantage and protect against excess lifeload™.


So many high fliers battle with low-grade chronic health problems related to energy, immunity, joint pain, digestion and inflammation. 360 puts you back on the front foot.

Brain Fog

There is nothing more scary for a high-performer than brain-based issues, such as brain fog, memory problems and cognitive deficits. Look after for your brain with the 360 health stack.


Psychology wins in the short-term but physiology was in the long-term. 360 helps you protect against burnout through personalised app data, and step-by-step education.

A Brand New Way to Look After Your Health & Performance

For too long, your health and wellness have been held back by a clunky and disconnected approach. A million channels are all vying for your attention, wearables are confusing, and annual healthcare check-ups red flag issues only once they are there. We think it can be better.

In fact, we know it can be better because we have been caring for C-Suite executives, top-tier talent, and superstar athletes for many years now with a completely different approach. Our approach enables you to give up the guesswork and feel in control of your health and wellness.

When you are on a mission to achieve extraordinary career outcomes and look after your family, you want health and wellness to be simple, systematic, and inspiring. Our ecosystem gives you that.

There are three parts to our healthstack™: our technology, education, and human support. Think of each of these as akin to different struts of a ladder; to climb high, you need all three. What do we mean by this? It’s easy.

To be proactive and preventive in how you look after your wellbeing, you need technology to give you personalised insight into your lifestyle and health. But you also need knowledge to take control and understand what wellness variables matter most to you in moving the needle and helping you sustain high performance. And we all need that all-important human support and sense of community.

Until today, this healthstack has been disconnected. It’s been up to you to find an app, navigate podcasts, collect information, make sense of the noise and then build your own support network. That’s tough. And even when you do it well, it’s still fragmented.

This disconnected approach is why so many people have struggled to get the most from their health and wellness in the midst of a busy life. And in a world of rising stress, depression, anxiety, burnout, disease and chronic illness, health in high-performance matters a great deal. We invite you to join 360, and look forward to serving you.


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