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360 exists to help you live your best. We believe that health is the foundation in this respect because of the way it impacts your energy, mood and moment-to-moment experience of life. Our digital healthstack offers you a truly proactive and personalised approach to your wellbeing, putting you in control like never before.

The 360 app enables you to measure subjective and objective aspects of your wellness. Subjective data informs you about your lifestyle, and objective data informs you about lifeload.

The 360 personal member platform enables you to curate your own customised wellness programme, finding the answers you need to aspects of health that matter to you most.

Throughout your 360 membership, you'll receive updates, tips and community advice from the team at 360 via email. You may also get support directly with a 360-certified coach.


Person-Centred Wellness.

At Your Fingertips.

We understand how confusing health and wellness can be. There’s a torrent of information coming at you from dozens of channels online. Much of this information is excellent, but it is generic rather than personalised to you. This is a big deal. Each of us is different, and the best health and wellness programme is the one customised to you. Cue: 360.

Step 1: Measure

360 App

To succeed in your health and lifestyle, the first thing you need to be able to do is measure them. With 360, you can do that quickly and easily – in under two minutes – at the start of your day. There’s no need to be chained to a wearable 24/7. Our approach is simple yet very accurate.

Objective data in 360 helps you understand how well your physiology is responding to that lifeload. In getting this data, you can take action ahead of time to prevent issues like fatigue, burnout and illness.

Objective data is not just useful for protecting your health. You can also use it to leverage stress to your advantage. Stress can be good for you, and 360 shows you how. By using the app, you will know when to push, when to pull back, and when to proactively protect your underlying health.

Step 2: Learn

360 Platform

The 360 personal wellness programme is your online resource for all things health and wellness. It ensures you feel clear, confident and in control of all aspects of your wellbeing. And it works beautifully with the 360 app.

By jumping onto the private wellness programme, you avoid this pain and gain immediate access to a step-by-step resource that covers all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional health. We have meticulously broken down individual themes into progressive learning to empower you for life.

The programme is born out of nearly 25 years of coaching experience and an R&D platform at 360 that contains over 6000 peer-reviewed clinical research studies. You’ll see hundreds of web links in the programme to PubMed, where you can access the original studies to read for yourself, should you want to.

step 3: Improve

360 Support

Whether your goal is to personalise your nutrition, reset your wellbeing after a period of significant stress or overcome a health issue – the secret to real, lasting, life-changing results is consistent action in the right direction. As James Clear writes in Atomic Habits,

“The impact created by a change in your habits is similar to the effect of shifting the route of an airplane by just a few degrees. Imagine you are flying from Los Angeles to New York City. If a pilot leaving from LAX adjusts the heading just 3.5 degrees south, you will land in Washington, D.C., instead of New York. Such a small change is barely noticeable at takeoff—the nose of the airplane moves just a few feet—but when magnified across the entire United States, you end up hundreds of miles apart. Similarly, a slight change in your daily habits can guide your life to a very different destination.”

This is why you have the app, platform and ongoing support in one. It’s a simple but beautiful online healthstack that enables you to keep up the momentum, overcome barriers and master your wellness. Objective data tells you how you are doing. Subjective data tells you why. Combined with 360 personal wellness programme, you are set up to win. We’ve connected the dots, so you don’t have to.

Turn subjective data into lifestyle strategies.

How you self-rate your lifestyle matters. Keeping track of how you feel about your sleep, energy, diet, exercise and happiness can surface hidden insight into lifestyle trends you can then work on.

Wellness Variables

You can quickly identify strengths and gaps in your lifestyle by looking at subjective trends over different time periods.

Tags & Journal

You can add context and colour to the overall picture through the addition of post-check-in Tags and Journal notes. It's simple and powerful.

Leverage objective data to protect your wellbeing.

Objective data (HRV, RHR, changeability in your HRV) in 360 helps you successfully adapt to stress and thrive. It gives you the physiological data you need to be preventative and targeted in your wellness habits.

Heart Rate Variability

HRV is the most important digital biomarker for looking after your combined physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. In the programme, you'll learn why - and how you can improve it.

Resting Heart Rate (RHR)

RHR is a simple but often under-used biomarker for health. The 360 app uses RHR alongside HRV and dozens of other data points each day to give you insight you can use to care for your wellbeing.

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Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Jump in. The first thing we recommend you do is log-in to the 360 private member programme to learn more about the app, how to use it, and best practices.

Once you are there, you will also see content on all the other themes we cover: motivation and mindset, health and longevity, sleep and renewal, nutrition and hydration, movement and fitness, energy and resilience, emotional wellbeing and happiness, the brain and peak performance.