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Get Telehealth Support

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There are several ways to get personalised support to talk through your app data, health trends and lifestyle needs.

1/ Pull on the Expertise of your 360-Certified Coach:

If you are already working with a 360-Certified coach, reach out to them and share your data. You can screenshot from the app or export your data in the menu section of the app.

2/ Request help from a different 360-Certified Coach: 

If you no longer work with your 360-Certified Coach and want to speak with someone trained with us, please use the contact form below or email us at We will build a Find A Practitioner webpage over time, enabling you to access the best person to meet your needs.

3/ Use the Resources in the Private Members Programme: 

Your membership comes with ongoing access to our private member’s programme, where you can access all sorts of insightful and empowering information on all aspects of the app and your health and wellness. Refer to your welcome email for access, or contact us below if you have problems accessing that content.

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