Create the Business Case for Workplace Wellness

Organisations understand that people are their greatest asset, but very few know how to proactively protect the physical and mental wellbeing of talent with a data-driven approach. The result is an impasse; nice ideas, generic interventions, and no return on investment. At 360, we have changed that forever. We are so confident of delivering you value that we offer a guarantee in our work.


Rather than respond reactively to absenteeism, presenteeism and staff turnover, we show you how to get ahead of it with a data-driven approach. This doesn't just benefit the organisation; it helps you create happier, healthier and more engaged employees. All stakeholders get to win.


Organisations tend to rely on providing employees with generic health and wellness advice through workshops and training. Whilst this can be engaging in the moment it rarely leads to long-term behaviour change that improves individual health and organisational productivity because there is no personalised data driving ongoing insight and improvement. 360 is different. We deliver education, training and coaching in multiple formats but everything we do is underpinned by technology which enables a truly personalised approach to proactive health and performance.


Organisations want to be preventative in their approach to wellbeing to reduce burgeoning healthcare costs and ongoing losses in productivity, but very few know how. Even the large consulting firms struggle to help companies improve healthcare statistics because they lack the requisite experience, education, expertise and technology required to deliver ROI and ROV. 360's ecosystem of products and services provide leaders in business with the tools they need to reduce healthcare costs, measure health presenteeism and improve employee wellness. Learn about our results here.

Our Workplace Health In High Performance Programmes

Do you struggle to build the business case for wellness in your organisation because of lack of metrics? Do you struggle with engagement and retention on the programmes you offer? Do you want an evidence-base, metric-driven wellness approach that has been proven to deliver double ROI at a FTSE-100 level? If so, we can help. Leave behind nebulas wellbeing initiatives and work with us to deliver the science and strategies of sustainable high performance.

We can deliver keynotes, workshops and training on multiple topics impacting organisational high productivity including: energy management, stress and resiliency, mental health, workplace wellness and leadership health in high performance.

We consult on a one-to-one and group level to help leadership teams become armed with the relevant knowledge, insight and expertise they need to foster a culture of health, protect talent and generate meaningful return from wellness initiatives.

Many HR departments struggle to determine the best course of action in their wellbeing strategy because of the noise of information coming at them and the complexity of demands present. It is also difficult for HR to determine which external wellbeing providers might deliver the best value because HR are not typically trained in evidence-based medicine, wellness apps or health wearable technologies. We can help HR determine which providers deliver truly efficacious, metric-driven, science-led technologies or intervention.

In our experience, many organisations want to invest in proactive health and wellness initiatives but they lack the data to identify the best type of intervention that can drive engagement, value and quantifiable return on investment. That is why we built HeatMap™; a way for organisations to learn how their people are feeling and doing in their health over a 4-week period delivered in an empowering way for employees. By working with us, organisations can measure health risk, quantify health presenteeism, determine strengths and gaps in culture and make informed and focused decisions about employee wellbeing investment.


We can deliver our custom-made Sustainable High Performance™ Programme or we can consult with you and curate an entirely bespoke programme in line with your culture, people, needs and organisational goals. Our programmes integrate iOS technology, education and coaching; inspiring employees to improve their health and productivity. And it works: out retention, engagement and return on investment is far above industry norms.

Our ‘Train the Trainer’ programme puts you in control. Rather than pay higher fees for different wellbeing providers, we make it easy for you to deliver coordinated programmes quickly covering a multitude of topics; brain health, nutrition and supplementation, sleep and regeneration, exercise as medicine, stress and resiliency, happiness and mindset, emotional wellbeing and high performance.

License our education, iOS technology and intellectual property to protect their energy and wellbeing of teams when they need it wherever they need it. 360 delivers background support and data analytics to help you enhance your organisation’s greatest asset; your people.

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