The Challenge.

Zurich Insurance prides itself on the intelligent protection of its customers. To do the same with its employees, they partnered with 360 to deliver a cutting-edge 12-week wellness programme.

Like many leaders in industry, Zurich understand the importance of its people. They also understand ways in which the old approach to corporate wellness has failed. For many years, the existing paradigm has been caught in a downward spiral:

  • Organisations struggle to understand the wellbeing of their employees because they lack appropriate technology to measure it
  • Without anonymised group data from efficacious technology, companies aren’t able to measure wellness trends over time to build the business case they need 
  • This all to often leads to disconnected and sporadic programmes which lack mission, engagement and transparent results

This is supported by the evidence. According to a survey involving 11.9 million employees by Willis Towers Watson, only 22% of companies use any kind of organisational analytics to test the effectiveness of wellbeing programmes. 

Until there is a major shift in the way that corporate wellness is understood, measured and delivered, this downward spiral will continue.

Our passion at 360 has been to change that forever with a brand new approach to corporate wellness, and Zurich Insurance UK fully supported this vision with their employees.

360 Health & Performance App

The Programme.

360 was tasked with delivering a wellness pilot at Zurich Insurance that inspired positive behaviour change, improved the health and productivity of its teams and offered clear data to determine return on investment and value.

Zurich appreciated that our approach to workplace wellness is completely unique: 

  • Instead of generic wellness advice, our programme understands that everyone is different and their experience should reflect that. Our technology enables a truly personalised approach to health, energy management and wellbeing.
  • Instead of technology telling you what you have done that day (sleep, steps and heart rate), our technology tells you what you need that day. This is game-changing. It is proactive, preventative, and empowering. It puts the employee in the drivers seat of their health. 
  • Instead of employees learning singular themes, such as nutrition or resilience, our programme delivers multi-channel wellness education that systematically empowers the employee on all key components to health and high performance. This is delivered gently over time to ensure employees can learn and navigate at their own pace for long-term results.

In all of this, it is essential to follow an evidence-based medicine approach. Our programmes at Zurich was anchored in over 2000 research papers from the clinical literature.

Despite the depth of research and development behind the scenes, the Zurich programme was user-friendly, practical and people-centric. It was built for hard-working people in the real world.

360 Health & Performance App


Number of Evidence-Based Medicine Papers in the Programme


Number of App Check-Ins by Employees Over 12 Weeks


Grams of CO2 Offset Through The Planting Of Trees

The Results.

The programme generated industry leading retention, engagement and return. Employee health risk dropped, employee health presenteeism dropped, and we received wonderful stories from amazing employees at Zurich.

To test the efficacy of the programme, we performed statistical analysis on group data from the 360 app to see if improvements over time were the result of the 360-Zurich intervention versus chance. Only statistically significant results were included in the final analysis.

In all of this, employees were protected. The 360 app was engineered from day one to be GDPR-compliant, anonymise individuals and ensure user privacy.

We are very proud of the results on the 360-Zurich Programme:

Retention: The programme was a real success in terms of retaining employees over time. Average retention of the group over the 90 days was 79%. This is well above typical retention rates of 29% for mobile apps at 12 weeks, and it is leader in class compared to 54% retention rate in corporate wellness programmes found by Willis Towers Watson.

Engagement: The programme was also successful in keeping employees engaged in the app. The average employee checked in 5.2x per week over the duration of the programme. This too is best in class according to the research firms, such as Localytics and Mixpanel. It also beat FitBit according to publicly available data.

Return on investment: The programme generated at return on investment of x1.6 through a combination of decreased absenteeism risk and health presenteeism. Because the 360 app measures subjective and objective wellness underpinned by neuroscience, we are the first in corporate wellness to be able to measure levels of health presenteeism. Zurich’s healthcare costs were also provided to 360 prior to the programme so that improvements could be compared to baseline data.

Return on value: In a Zurich survey after the programme, 92% of employees said the programme generated positive lifestyle change, especially on seeing the influence of sleep and stress on subjective and objective wellness scores in the app. This is vital because according to Accenture, 84% of employers see employee engagement in wellness programme as their priority, so we are delighted with how well employees embraced the programme.

Zurich were very happy with the results:

This year Zurich Insurance Company Ltd UK partnered with 360 Health and Performance to improve employee wellbeing. The stats are back and I’m really proud to say we did just that! The programme taught our pilot group how to manage everyday stressors from nutrition, movement and happiness, to understanding the impact of environmental pollutants directly on their physiology. But to top it all off, for every 100 employee check-ins completed, 360 planted a tree. With nearly 5000 check-ins in 90 days we’ve not only helped ourselves, but the planet too. This is innovation in wellbeing. – Hayley Golden, Head of Wellbeing, Zurich Insurance UK

We are proud to have delivered these results, and could not have done it without Hayley Golden and the wonderful employees at Zurich.


The Average Retention Rate Of Employees Over 90 Days


Employees Satisfied By All Elements Of The Programme


Employees Who Said Programme Inspired Positive Change

360 Health & Performance App

The Future.

With reactive healthcare, chronic illness and burnout on the rise, now is the time to take action with a better form of corporate wellness.

According to the World Health Organisation, by 2020, chronic diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes will account for 75% of all deaths.

Mental health issues and burnout are becoming key challenges that employers need to respond to; with emotional exhaustion, high demands, low job control, high work load and illness increasing risks for developing burnout.

At 360 we have upgraded the way workplace wellness is conceived and delivered. Our programmes are proactive, personalised, preventative, agile, evidence-led, metric-driven and people-centric. These are not empty terms: they go to the core of everything we do and why we are different.

Whatever questions you have around corporate wellness, get in touch today. We’ve connected the dots, so that you don’t have to.